Sliced Launch

“Fresh comedy…delivered in 30 minutes or less.”

The launch campaign for Sliced, Dave’s 2019 original comedy following the lives of two hapless pizza-delivery boys.  This series was a new direction for Dave – a scripted comedy set in the real world, intended for a younger audience than is usual for the channel.  As such we wanted a campaign which reflected that, with creative that was noisy, grounded in reality and captured the energy of the show.  We supplemented clip-based launch promos with character spots that introduced the main characters Joshua and Ricky, disruptive radio ads and static and digital outdoor activity.  As it was a new type of show for the channel, we also added a ‘Dave Presents’ opener to ensure that the campaign was linked back to Dave in viewers’ minds.

Creative/Creative Manager – Paul Philpott
Creative/Editor – Jody Malam
Print Design – Veer Assi
Producer – Nina Allsopp