Dave – EPG Move

PromaxBDA Europe 2020 SILVER WINNER
Special Event Spot

Mid Budget Masterpiece

‘The Dave channel is moving!  But not very far…’

An on-air campaign designed to inform Freeview viewers that Dave was moving channel numbers.  A functional and potentially un-engaging message, our goal was to approach the creative with the same gusto and invention we would bring to a launch for one of our big commissions – cramming in as much action, entertainment and comedy as possible, to stand out, grab attention and ensure that the key information was landed.  Our idea was simple: to conceptualise the change in channel numbers as an actual, physical move, using the relatable metaphor of moving house but exaggerated to a hyper-real level.  So in our world the whole channel was moving house, taking an enormous physical version of its logo, its programmes (both in boxes and in the form of iconic objects such as the Taskmaster thrones, Sliced delivery bikes and Starbug from Red Dwarf) and key talent, including Yianni Charalambous, complete with bright green Lamborghini, and removal company ‘foreman’ Jon Richardson.

Director/Creative/Editor – Paul Philpott
Senior Producer – Danny Wimborne
Producer – Holly McIvor
Publicity Manager – Gem Pinkney
Head of Marketing – Cherie Cunningham
DOP – Matt Fox
Edit/VFX – Ashleigh Wright
Design/VFX – Sean Keane and Jade Dauncey