Dave – Always On 2019

The Drum 2019 OOH Awards GOLD WINNER
Best Use Of Long Copy

PromaxBDA Europe 2020 SILVER WINNER
Best Channel Key Art

The Drum 2020 Design Awards HIGHLY COMMENDED
Writing for Design

The 2019 phase of Dave’s ongoing OOH brand campaign.  The challenge for this second year of the campaign was to build on our existing success and talkability, continuing to engage and entertain our audience by finding new visual formats and relatable insights upon which to base the creative.  This resulted in a new series of work that included executions taking a gentle jab at the cult of new year’s resolutions in January and a pictorial reveal of the disgusting reality of barbecue food to coincide with the June garden-party season.

The ‘Guide To Standing’ is a long copy stream-of-consciousness directly addressing passengers who didn’t get a seat on the tube.  The creative was intended to deliberately capitalise on the high dwell-time medium and of course the environment, as well as the knowledge that the ads would be positioned at head height most likely to be read by people standing up.  The execution won the Best Use Of Long Copy award at The Drum OOH Awards 2019.

Copywriter/Creative/Creative Manager – Paul Philpott
Design Manager – Sophie Yeoman @ UKTV
Print Design – Veer Assi and Dani Liqueri @ UKTV