Hypothetical Series 2

“Comedy genius…all off the top of their heads.”

To promote the second series of Hypothetical we wanted to double-down on the format point that makes the show unique – that all the comedians’ answers are improvised.  Avoiding use of that word directly (to bypass evoking any memories of Whose Line Is It Anyway?) our campaign creative took the popular euphemism for improvising – coming up with something off the top of your head – and visualised it literally, opening up the minds of our hosts and their guests to show us the hilariously imaginative answers provoked by James and Josh’s bizarre questions.  The result is a funny, vibrant and visually interesting way of bringing the creative comedy at the heart of Hypothetical to life, which also gave us license to talk explicitly about the fact that comedians are making up their answers up on the spot.  The campaign included network AV, commercial TV, digital OOH and social.

Creative Manager/Creative – Paul Philpott
Senior Designer – Callum Parish
Creative – Tom Corbett
Senior Producer – Gen Sligcher
Photography – Simon Webb @ Simon Webb Photography