REALLY 2017 Refresh

“Life on TV”

The 2017 REALLY refresh is UKTV Creative’s first in-house rebrand.  While the channel’s schedule and brand voice had evolved throughout 2016, the on-air OSP had not developed to reflect that evolution.  We were tasked with overhauling the look of the channel, and articulating REALLY’s brand position as a curator of real life stories.  This involved thinking out a completely new design rationale for the channel, finding a new house font, making eight idents to match and introducing the new channel tagline: ‘Life on TV’.

In the new OSP, the channel’s editorial filter is expressed visually using a duotone effect, with the huge range of diverse programme content unified and augmented using a palette of colour washes.  The different colours subtly point to specific programme genres, as well as the tone of a programme or daypart.  The extra detail of the white edge literally frames the content and creates a window into the powerful stories we have to tell.  The resulting OSP both makes visual sense of the brand proposition and gives the channel a bold and premium look.

The idents were conceived as simple, elegant portraits of real people whose life stories loosely connected to the channel’s genres and programming.  A further visual layer hinted at the backstory of each contributor, with their full stories told in extended interviews on the channel website.


Creative Manager – Paul Philpott
Head of Design – Peter Allinson
OSP Design – Luke Tilly
OSP Producer – Celia Bayne
Ident Director – Matt McDermott
Ident Designer – Adam Cutts
Ident Senior Producer – Danny Wimborne
Ident Producer – Sophie Fox
Ident Assistant Producer – Nick Ramsay
Promo Creative – Tom Corbett